What is Pay Per Call?
A performance based marketing method that drives inbound sales calls to your agency.

Direct Connection

Route your incoming calls to any phone number you choose.

Call Dashboard and Reporting

Track call volume and conversion rates. Full reporting history for all campaigns.

auto insurance leads

IVR Verified

Consumers call into an IVR system to verify their intent as well as location.

Calls on your schedule

You set the times and days you are available to receive incoming calls.

The Process

Campaign Details

Choose the states you want to receive calls in as well as the days and times you accept calls. Provide Lead Orchard with a phone number to forward all calls to.


An affiliate of Lead Orchard will create and run the campaign to generate calls through a variety of promotional methods.


Interested consumers will call into our IVR system. They will be prompted, via key selection, to verify that they are actively shopping for new insurance and to enter what zip code they are shopping for insurance in.

In Bound Phone Call

After verification, your calls will be routed to whatever phone number you choose. At this point you will be connected live with a caller.


You have 2 minutes from the point the caller is connected to your phone to when the call becomes billable. Use this time to make sure you have a qualified prospect.


Create the quote while you have the prospect live on the phone and win their business!

Repeat the Process

Hang up the phone and get ready for the next call!

"I've been using Lead Orchard since April of 2011 and have increased my commercial sales over 50% this year. They provide qualified appointments and confirmation calls. The confirmation calls are an added plus for our agency. If any lead has to be returned there are no problems with the replacement."
Ed Troy
Ed Troy Insurance Agency
"Lead Orchard is by far and away the best commercial insurance leads vendor I have ever used. The main reason is that they set appointments with quality risks and the appointments stick. Also, if there is a problem with an appointment not working out, Lead Orchard is very fair in replacing the lead. Other vendors cannot compare with the consistency that Lead Orchard offers."
Joseph M Definis
Definis Agency
"I have been an insurance professional for 13 years. Lead Orchard has increased my income by 50%. I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about commercial sales production."
William Korner
Marino Insurance Services
"Lead Orchard has provided us with quality leads that have lead to very profitable risks that we have written! In fact, they've helped contribute to a 24.2% increase in DWP. Best of all they do all the work. We show up and sell! It has certainly been a smart business move for us."
Edwin Sweeney
Ralph E Sweeney III Inc. (Nationwide Insurance)
"I just wanted to let you know that your service has exceeded my expectations. It was a little strange not having to follow up with my leads myself at first, but now that everything runs on auto-pilot I have so much more time to run appointments. All in all, your system is doing exactly what you said it would."
Anthony Anzideo
Lennon Financial Group
"Your level of customer service is excellent! Not only do you tailor the class codes I want, but occasionally, when a prospect does cancel an appointment you stand by your guarantee and replaced them right away. This is why I will continue to use Lead Orchard."
Jillian O'Brien
Jillian O'Brien Insurance

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