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Lead Optimization with Lead Orchard

  • by admin
  • March 18, 2020


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  • March 18, 2020, 3:08 a.m.

How do you get quality insurance leads that pay off in the end? It's a question that busy managers themselves as they try to sustain and grow a sales-based business. This doesn’t happen by itself, by magic, and despite what some people might say, there’s not really that much chance involved, either. A solid lead generation platform makes a big difference.

Today, we have a lot of technology to apply to enterprise, and that means a lot of tools, but it also means a boatload of distractions. There's also that complexity that some people refer to as “too many tools” where the central focus becomes fragmented, and it gets hard to implement something in a direct way. Lead generation can be a lot like that. The context is important: How you set up your systems has an impact on what staff does day to day and how the numbers come out at the end of the quarter.

Here are three great aspects of what we do at Lead Orchard that puts you in the driver’s seat for working leads.

The Importance of Outreach

Of course, one core principle of lead generation is outreach. The ubiquity of the sales funnel is a consequence of this central idea, that you have to cultivate leads with active outreach. Our tailored emails help to accomplish this goal in a way that is practical and effective, to lay the groundwork for success.

Helping with Scheduling

After the initial outreach has occurred and the communications are underway, scheduling is incredibly important for every touchpoint in a lead handling process. So we have tools for that, too – our scheduling capability helps to ensure that active leads don't fall through the cracks or fail due to a lapse of support at some point in the process. We have set these systems up in a very specific way, to be able to network with your internal operations, so that scheduling really works – seamlessly.

Maintaining and Evolving Access

Throughout all of this, it's important to preserve access through the most effective channels. Our mobile access tools and capabilities are another part of our lead generation and sustaining process. You may have heard a lot of forward-thinking people talking about responsive design ten years ago, and now, mobile access is a reality. Your lead process should be part of that sea change, too.

Ask Lead Orchard about the potential of this system for your business - get an appointment management system, appointments on your schedule, and much more, to cut through the barriers to active lead management and deal closing!

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